Harmony of a dance

Dancing is a transformation through beauty, it’s not just a movement, it’s a way to communicate with yourself and with the world. Dancing makes you fight with your own limitations (the limitations of your body at first and then borders of your mind).

A lot of information is locked in the body and through dance we can unlock it and we let it talk and discover a little further who we are and what we can do.

Momo Sanno | dancer | choreographer | blog4.jpg


A harmony of a dance creates a body and mind harmony and this brings you to a different dimension of our being.

Once you go beyond of what you can do, you realize how indefinite your possibilities are. You stop using your body just as a shell, and give it a life itself.

I always had a desire to bring all the best I can do to create opportunities for others. But it took a long way of living and experiencing this world to assemble piece by piece an idea on how to start this communication between professionals and non-professionals, between performers and public, between daily life and dreams, between desires and opportunities, between limitations and the universe...

What is it? I will share very soon...