Elements of Life: Air, Earth, Water, Metal, Fire -
Contemporary Dance Choreography
(dance video & site specific performance)

Elements of life - site specific performance

Elemental (Earth) - animated video

Animated tribute
to the Elements of life

Mathematical tribute
to the Elements of life


Art Exhibitions:

  • Style and Nature (Romania) 2013

  • Tangible Comorbidity - a tribute to polarity (Germany) 2016

Featured in media:

  • Dancing openness. - link, pdf

  • Je ne peux pas vivre sans musique: Il danse sur les 4 éléments ! Et c'est juste magnifique. - link, pdf

  • Dance - Momo Sanno. - link, pdf

  • Kylie Clarke - blogpost "Creative Audio | Week 8 - Interesting Findings" - link, pdf

  • 750 fotogramas se hicieron en 3 días, en el Taller de Rotoscopia Experimental en el Festival de Cine Corto de Popayán - link

"Momo Sanno dances a world one can dream where the bond we have with elementary life is alive: he gives shapes and movements to this deep relationship which exists only in our imagination."

“When I was creating the idea for the elements, I was trying to express, to embody the fact that we are not alone. It is not only us as humans on this Earth. We are connected, we are one. We are part of nature, we are not against the natural way of the world. In our body, we find all the main elements, earth, water, fire, metal. There is a sublime connection that takes place between us, our self and the natural world that surrounds us. And when we allow this conversation to take place, we find a deeper understanding, and the selfless aspect of our being loosens its solidity, it can even dissipate for a period of time, and we can sink into a deeper world, one that does not put accent on separation but on Ones”. 

Interview to www.shanqa.com

“Viata este o opera de arta care te surprinde  de fiecare data, o simfonie orchestrata sublim ce iti incanta toate simturile. Iar prin dans imi arat recunostinta ca…traiesc!”

Style & Nature

"I came across a really interesting video of a contemporary dance that represents the main five elements of life, Air, Earth, Water, Metal, and Fire. The representations for the last two were rather literal, though the main three, Air, Earth, and Water were represented through an emotional connection to the dance and element. 
I found this video very compelling to watch not only because of the beauty of the dance, but also the sounds. They resonated with each element extremely well. ‘Air’ was very tribunal, melodic, and soft sounding. Earth, was a little rougher, with a lower base and had a ‘beat’. Lastly, water was the most literal one out of the three. This one was also melodic with guitar and harp present..."

Kylie Clarke - blogpost "Creative Audio | Week 8 - Interesting Findings"

"I always wanted to see Momo dancing at the church. Somehow the way he believes in life, the way he searches for the truth; the way he connects to some ultimate source of power and transmits raw emotions always seemed sacred to me and i wondered if seeing him performing at a place of worship would amplify it even more.
Now imagine this: mongolian throat singing fills the church and the man on the stage plays with gravity. He creates life out of dust, he moves the gravity, he grounds you to show the energy under your feet. You feel in touch with true life, your roots, and that is meditation. You notice other people standing up and coming closer. 
A soft piano sounds enter the church. Momo is an enormously powerful dancer with a signature like attacking moves but now his moves become smooth and gentle. His water is not the one that has a power to hit and flood cities, his water is not the one that threatens to wipe out entire nations. His water is personal, it's the life inside you and he makes you aware of it. 
A sound of spark: you find yourself under the stars in a desert warming your hands by the fire. Again, it's the fire that you want to talk to, share the innermost thoughts and dreams. Momo turns into a meditative dervish: fire of hope, fire that you can simply look at infinitely and feel in peace with yourself, the night and the world around you. 
Screams of seagulls break the peace and take you to a cliff. He is breathing, flying, jumping, dancing with the wind - Momo's moves fill the space with so much ultimate freedom, thirst for life, happiness. I'm not sure if i was breathing myself then, you just want his airy energy to charge you with those emotions. 
The seagull screams again and the church is silent. No one moves: you want more, people around you want more. 



Choreography & Performing Artist: Momo Sanno
Art&Production: Maria Andrei 
Directed by Tudor Cucu 
Produced for Style&Nature
Water: Two Steps from Hell - Water Reflections
Fire: Two Steps from Hell - Danger of danger
Air: Charles Littleleaf-Eagle Spirit
Metal: Leftfield - Afro - Left