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Cultural Icon Series to honor Garth St. Omer | Saint Lucia

SAINT LUCIA’S FIRST NOVELIST, MR. ST. OMER’S BOOKS DEPICT THE SAINT LUCIAN LIFESTYLE AND PSYCHE. The Cultural Development Foundation will, this year, as part of Arts and Heritage Month, stage the Cultural Icon Series—a production, conceptualized with the main aim of paying tribute to the visual artists, actors, dancers, writers, musicians and folk artists who wrote about, painted, composed and created a large part of the Saint Lucian identity. The Cultural Icons Series is a deliberate effort by the Cultural Development Foundation to build a strong, united, and proud Saint Lucian community empowered by culture and creativity. Into its third year, the Cultural Icon Series is slated for Oct. 2, at the National Cultural Centre and will honor the work of literary pioneer, Garth St. Omer. “In the previous years we featured Charles Cadet and then Virginia Alexander. Virginia Alexander had a long legacy of persons she had trained.  Tania Issac is now one of the top twenty-five choreographers in the world, so we have seen the continuum. This year we have elected someone a bit unusual and some are wondering how we are going to pull this off as an event, in the person of Gath St. Omer. Most Saint Lucians don’t know that this is Saint Lucia’s first novelist.  He has written five books and all of the books are about the Saint Lucian lifestyle/psyche. So it’s a good read. You understand who we are and why we are the way we are. So we have five dancers, they have read the literature and they will be interpreting through dance.”