MOMO SANNO - FREE SOUL (short dance film)


Featured interviews about my dance journey:

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  • LaRevista: Momo Sanno: „POŢI SĂ SPUI UN MILION DE POVEŞTI PRIN DANS” - link, pdf

This film follows memories, thoughts and dreams of Romanian dancer Momo Sanno on his dance journey through Bucharest. 

"Dancing somehow can be a paradox: because it's about absolute control and letting go. You loose yourself into a movement, and yet you control it. That's why you go through an intensive training: you train your body to actually be free; you train your body and your mind to let go"


Directed, filmed and edited by Franz Galo © 2016
Choreographer & dancer: Momo Sanno
Production Manager: Eugenia Farauanu
First Assistant: Victor Rojas