Sequence of a horse in motion
(live art installation)


  • 2018: Berlin, Germany (48 hours Neukoln festival)

A person is hanging upside down in the dark. He is circled by a horse wraps him with a ribbon. Will the obedient horse hurt this man physically and psychologically in a way that he will never be who he once what? Or is he retreating from his active life, embarking on a journey into the darkness of his own underworld?
Katharina Haverich uses the uncertainties of dreaming as the structural framework for this live art installation in which man, animal, and material generate unique visual phrases depending on the momentary temperaments of the elements. "Sequence of a Horse in Motion" is an invitation into the live experience of a dream sequence.


Concept: Katharina Haverich
Dancer / Choreographer: Momo Sanno
Horse: Cabañero / Abacaxi
Horse trainers: Lene Husch & Lynn Kalinowski
Technical Development and Director: Mathias Westebbe
Sound Design: Christopher Hotti Böhm & Michael Hoppe
Light Design: Benjamin Pohl
Photos: Dajana Lothert
Videos: Clara Julia Escalera
Graphic Design: Christin Striegler

Administration: honest work - free cultural office

Funded by Senate Department for Culture and Europe  and part of the Residency Program Bröllin eV, supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the district of Vorpommern-Greifswald