Icarus Solaris - man's search for freer self (short dance film)

Sometime our mind runs away ahead of us building castles in the air and developing expectation of our future selves. Other days we find our mind way behind ourselves getting lost in memories - smiling to our past achievements, justifying our behaviour or digging a bigger hole to bury some of our past actions or feelings. 
And it's very difficult to stay right here, where  you are, to see the colours in front of your eyes without judging them, to listen to the music, to the sound of your own foot steps. To be here with the current self - with your body, with your mind, with your spirit and with your feelings. 
You story is unique and is worth discovering your rhythm of life, it's worth spending time to discover who you are, why you are doing this, which direction you are going to. 
What stands apart can be your guide towards the surprising essence of the whole , and an unseen equilibrium of things makes its eternal presence felt.  
There where some forget, others remember...


Creative idea: Cornelu Ganea
Choreography & performing artist: Momo Sanno
Music: Tim Hecker - Neither More nor Less