Tango & Contemporary dance choreography
(theatre performance)


Love is in the ART, 2015


Bucharest, Romania  (Teatrelli Theatre)

A man and and a woman - fluidity and edges, balance and passion, presence and illusion - contemporary dance and tango. TWO people meet ONE night on streets of a 1 city. What they can learn from a city, how they will connect, how they can enrich each other, what are they taking along when the dawn breaks.... 

Contemporary dance meets Tango - 


Theatre performance - 50 minutes (2 dancers, 2 musicians)

Creator & choreographer: Momo Sanno
Dancers: Momo Sanno & Galea Bobeicu
Musicians: Cristina Denise Pasa (Violin) & Silviu Mihai Groaza (Trompet)